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I know…

I know what it's like, when you're working so hard on overcoming your mental illness, and something happens that has you feeling like you're right back where you started, for seemingly no reason at all. I know how it feels to be going, happily, through your day, unaware that you're about to snap over something… Continue reading I know…

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Sneak Peek into Becoming a Health + Fitness Influencer

[YOU'RE INVITED]🎉 One of my coach besties, Stacy, and I are putting together an exclusive, sneak look into our lives as health + fitness influencers! We're sharing how we utilize social media to share our own personal stories to inspire and motivate others, and how we've been able to build successful businesses (from home!🙌) doing… Continue reading Sneak Peek into Becoming a Health + Fitness Influencer