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I know…

I know what it's like, when you're working so hard on overcoming your mental illness, and something happens that has you feeling like you're right back where you started, for seemingly no reason at all. I know how it feels to be going, happily, through your day, unaware that you're about to snap over something… Continue reading I know…

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You Said You Wanted to Be a Mom

"You said you wanted to be a mom." * * * When I became a mom, I was prepared for the late nights, the constant feedings, the exhaustion. What I wasn't prepared for was the feelings of inadequacy, the violent mood swings, the psychosis, and "knowing" in my heart that I was failing. I struggled… Continue reading You Said You Wanted to Be a Mom

Leigha Graf: Red Deer Photographer
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What You Don’t See

A friend once told me that he wished his wife was “more of a mom like” me. My heart hurt for their broken family but, more so, for the fact that he didn’t realize the truth. I told him that it wasn’t fair to compare the reality of their life to the social snapshot of… Continue reading What You Don’t See

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Before you tell me a mom does everything…

You know those posts about how a mom does all the work around the house and the dad does nothing? Or the video about how a kid will walk past dad to ask mom for something? Or the memes that list all the things moms do before bed but the dad's list just says "go… Continue reading Before you tell me a mom does everything…

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Those of you that know me, know how much I love Gary Vaynerchuk. I often refer to him as my spirit animal because he always says the things I think, before I even know thinking them. A little bit ago, I shared a quote of his that said "You have time, you just picked something… Continue reading Choices

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Angry Mommy

I still vividly remember the day that I got so angry with my kids that I scared myself. All because of spilled milk. The day started late, again. I slept in because I didn't have the energy or ambition to get out of bed any earlier than the very last second I had to. Like most… Continue reading Angry Mommy

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Finding Confidence

We're not BORN confident. At least, I wasn't. In fact, I've spent the majority of my life trying to "fake it" until I "made it" or at least trying to fake confidence enough that others wouldn't notice I was self-conscious as hell. I'm sure it was very transparent... A lack of confidence is where my… Continue reading Finding Confidence

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Choose your life!

I've never been one to follow the rules.💁‍♀️ As a kid, I would always want to know WHY I was or wasn't supposed to do something. When I hit my teen years, I drove my teachers crazy, questioning their rationale for doing things a certain way. I likely nearly killed my mother when I decided… Continue reading Choose your life!