Lasagna Roll Ups
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Lasagna Roll Ups [Ultimate Portion Fix Recipe]

These lasagna roll ups are a Fan-Favourite in our house!! EVERYONE eats them -- even with the spinach!! (You could totally leave it out, though, if your kids are winning the battle that day lol) The best part?? TWO of these roll ups is one serving AND it's nutrition plan approved!! Scroll to the bottom… Continue reading Lasagna Roll Ups [Ultimate Portion Fix Recipe]

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Halloween Carb Counting

As any d-mama knows, Halloween can be the best and worst day of the year for a child with type 1 diabetes. The class party adrenaline and extra treats throughout the day make it near impossible to maintain target blood sugars. Then, in the evening, as our children rampage the neighbourhoods, they need prevention agains… Continue reading Halloween Carb Counting