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I made time, this morning, for a short meditation session on Gratitude. The guided meditation took me through three layers of gratitude — a person, a situation, and then all of the things I feel grateful for.

I am so grateful for my husband, Kyle. He keeps me grounded and is the perfect yang to my yin. I’m no picnic and marriage with me is like a wild, rollercoaster that doesn’t meet the safety regulations; but he’s always held on and gone along for the ride. If I didn’t have him in my life, I would be completely lost.

This week, I’m most grateful for my therapy session on Tuesday. Having the opportunity to release some of the burden on my shoulders, and have someone tell me that I’m doing great, despite how I feel, is so incredibly helpful. My therapist helped me to remember that I need to have a bit more grace with myself and that I don’t need to place such high expectations on myself.

Finally, I thought of all of the things I’m grateful for; my children, my pets, my home, my parents, my siblings, my nieces, my health, my comfy clothes, the mountains, and having a career that fits our life so perfectly.

It can be difficult to make time to sit and reflect on what we’re grateful for but, today, starting my day this way has filled me with peace and joy.


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