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How I Share My Story to Help Inspire Others

I’m not in the business of selling shakes. I’m not even in the business of selling fitness programs.

I’m in the business of helping women change their own lives.



I once lived in such a dark place in my own life that I begged to be able to find a way to be just CONTENT in my life. I didn’t even think “happy” was an option for me; I just wanted to not hate my life.

I wanted to wake up without the rage, stress, and sadness weighing on my chest and shoulders. I wanted to go throughout my day, not fighting the urge to go back to bed. I wanted to be patient with my children and kind to my husband. I wanted to love the body I live in and to not wish for a way to disappear from my life.

I thought I was signing up for a 3 week fitness program + a daily shake to help me “get skinny”. I believed that all of my problems would be gone, if I could just lose weight; that’s how I would be happy again…

Instead, what I ended up signing up for was a community of incredible, inspiring, confident, vulnerable, and strong, women who saw me, broken, and helped hold the pieces up while I put myself back together.

I found a mentor who, through such open sharing of her own adversity and how she persevered through it, showed me that a different, better, HAPPY, life was possible for me. She saw that I had zero faith in my own abilities and so, she believed enough in me for the both of us.

I was introduced to a new way of thinking and a hunger to continue expanding my mind, while I worked on my physical health. I have read books about personal growth, have had deep + meaningful, judgement-free, conversations about my own limiting beliefs, and have been able to completely change my mindset surrounding my health, my fitness journey, and my self-worth.

I now live in a reality where I know that I am a work in progress, always, and am happy to be. I enjoy learning more about myself, challenging myself, failing and learning new things.


Now, I share my story — my truth — vulnerably with other women to try to inspire and influence them; to make an impact on their lives and show them that a better, HAPPIER, life IS a possibility for them! It might start out in the form of a health + fitness challenge but it becomes about so much more than that!

I have the unique opportunity, and privilege, to make my full time income doing this; sharing my story as an influencer and supporting other women as they start, and walk through their journeys.

Currently, I’m looking for other women who want to work on their own health + happiness journeys, share their stories, on social media, to influencer + inspire, and who want to help other women change their lives for the better.

This Thursday, I’m hosting an online sneak peek into what I do as a health + fitness influencer, what I do on a daily basis, and how I earn a full time income in part time hours. Join us, in this private Facebook group (http://bit.ly/2Pg3Ac1), for a no-obligation look into what could possibly be THE thing to change your life.

Photo: Leigha Graf

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