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Before you tell me a mom does everything…

You know those posts about how a mom does all the work around the house and the dad does nothing?

Or the video about how a kid will walk past dad to ask mom for something?

Or the memes that list all the things moms do before bed but the dad’s list just says “go to bed”?

Those posts irritate the shit out of me!


My husband, who works a hard-ass job for 10+ hours a day, does just as much around the house and with our kids as I do!

Before you say “oh, but you’re lucky!”, stop. Men don’t enter a relationship, useless as fuck, needing a woman to do everything for them.

We teach people how to treat us and if we act like our husbands are incapable of caring for THEIR OWN children or criticize them when the do household chores because they’re not doing it “our way”, then of COURSE they’re going to stop doing it!

Listen, if it’s in your heart song to clean and cook and tend to children, all on your own, then you do you, boo, but I’m going to assume you’re not the one complaining about a “lazy” husband.

However, if you are an exhausted mom, especially if you also have a non-mom job, and you need some help; ASK FOR SOME. Your husband is not a mind reader and, like any SMART, busy person, he’s not going to voluntarily sign up for more obligations (like we do), so you need to tell him what you need.

Finally, and MOST importantly, when your spouse DOES get the groceries, or do the laundry, or makes school lunches; be fucking THANKFUL and don’t you dare criticize his way of doing it!


In our home, we are raising men. Self-sufficient, well-rounded, kind, caring, intelligent, hardworking, and helpful MEN.

They have an incredible role model, showing them what it means to be a true part of a household and a partnership.

They understand that, in our marriage, we have ebbs and flows of responsibility, based on who has the heaviest load that week.

They see that their mom and dad are two strong individuals, working diligently to help make the other person the best version of themselves.


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