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Those of you that know me, know how much I love Gary Vaynerchuk. I often refer to him as my spirit animal because he always says the things I think, before I even know thinking them.

A little bit ago, I shared a quote of his that said “You have time, you just picked something else.” I love this quote because it speaks directly the person I used to be, and it called her out on her bullshit.

I used to claim I didn’t have time for self care or fitness or meal planning or therapy or a business. The reality was that I had the time, in fact we all have the same 24 hours — even Oprah and Beyonce — but I was CHOOSING to spend my time in different ways.

I was choosing to binge on TV every night, to spend hours gossiping with my friends, to try and make my house look a certain way. I was choosing to spend as much time as necessary to keep up the fake persona that everything in my life was perfect and happy.

I was trying to hide the fact that what I was really choosing was fear. Fear that things might be uncomfortable, that it might be hard, that I might fail. I’m so freaking glad that I was able to take a leap of faith, into that fearful unknown, on a chance that I could ACTUALLY live a happy life, instead of just pretending to.

Now, I choose to get up an hour before my kids because I know that the endorphin rush in the morning sets me in a positive mood for the day and that making my body strong is important for my health.

I choose to do daily meditation & journaling because it helps my mental health and patience with my kids.

I choose self care in the form of quiet baths, coffees with friends, or trips to the mountains. I choose to accept help from my spouse with the kids and household tasks because he offers, he’s capable, and he is my partner.

I choose to focus my energy on a business that is creating a future of freedom for our family; a business that allows me to contribute an income while being available for my children 24/7. I choose to take care of ME — my mental health, which is directly affected by my physical health — because there was a time when I considered taking my life and leaving my children without a mother. And now, the very best CHOICE I can make for my children is to take care of their mother, and I will make time for that.

Choosing to take care of yourself IS putting your children’s needs first and I’m so fucking thankful I finally figured that out.

At the end of the day, YOU get to choose how you will spent each hour of each day you have here. Make good choices ❤


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