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30 Days to Healthy Holidays

If you saw my post from Friday, you’ll know that I’ve recently confessed to the struggle that I’ve been going through over the last few months. To recap, my depression and anxiety are trying to overtake my life again and I’ve been self-medicating with food.

I’ve suffered from depression & anxiety since I was a teenager, however, I wasn’t diagnosed or seen by a professional until after I had my first son. At that time, I was diagnosed only with post-partum depression and, with therapy and medication, my symptoms seemed to get better for a few years.

However, in 2014, my anxiety started spiralling out of control and with it, my depression came back with a raging force. I was waking up angry, feeling so overwhelmed that I couldn’t deal, with zero energy to do any of the things I felt I “should” be doing, and then ending the day, crying myself to sleep.

I was taking out my frustrations on everyone around me, most especially my husband and my kids.

My medication didn’t seem to be working, my therapy tools felt useless, and so I was comforting myself the easiest way I knew how; binge eating crap food while becoming a hermit. That sounds funny but, the truth is, I was shutting myself off from everyone around me and curling up on the couch every day by mid-afternoon.

Everything came to a head when I was having a particularly bad night and thought to myself, ‘My family would be better off without me. If I wasn’t here, they won’t have to go through this turmoil and they would be happier.’

Thankfully — THANKFULLY — I had enough of my sense left to realize the magnitude of the thought process I was taking and recognized that something had to change. I needed to start becoming the wife & mother that my family deserved and I knew that my physical health had a large part to do with it.

By improving my nutrition habits, I was able to give myself more ENERGY and a clearer mind to start the therapeutic work I needed to do. By improving my physical health, my medication was better able to do it’s job inside my body.

I lost 30 lbs, eventually came off my medication (that’s another story for another day) and found a community to support me as I continued working on my personal growth and mental & physical health.


And I stayed on that path for nearly 2.5 years…

I can’t pinpoint exactly where things took a turn towards the negative again, but I know it was sometime near the beginning of summer. Things started to feel overwhelming again, we got busier, and some additional stress was added to our plate. We went for a few ice cream trips during vacation, made unhealthy breakfast choices a lot, and snacked on kettle corn in the evenings.

It doesn’t take your body long to get addicted to sugar and the surge of glucose in my system gave me the instant gratification that I needed to feel better in the moment.

The more off track that I got, the harder it was to stop.


In my post on Friday, I declared that enough was enough and I was recommitting to my health with a goal to lose 20 lbs by Christmas. Obviously, the weight, or how I look, are not the important things. It’s about regaining confidence, getting my energy back and improving my mental health, again. My OCD brain just likes to have tangible, measurable goals, so I picked the 20 lbs lol

I have already started this commitment, because I want to show you what’s possible in a short amount of time, just by dialing in your nutrition and adding a few workouts a week! However, I want YOU to do this WITH me, and I’m extending an invite to my next online accountability group to you, right now!

We’re going to kick it off on October 29th, with a prep week where we will go over the nutrition plan together, get our meal plans set out, and prepare for success in November! Then, on November 1st, we’re going to start a 3 day Fall Refresh which is a gentle cleanse, to help flush out all the excess Halloween candy, reset our bodies, and get our clean eating on track. You still eat REAL food and it’s a GREAT kick start to a 30 day program and I always shed about 5 lbs over this 3 days alone!

Then November 5, you’ll get started with a fitness program + nutrition plan that fits YOUR goals, needs, and lifestyle! The accountability group is hosted in a private app where I post daily motivation, tips, recipes, etc. to help you stay on track. You can log your own measurements, track your workouts, and engage with the other participants in the app.

The community we build in there is so supportive and inspirational and it helps to keep you moving forward towards your goals.

Of course, I’m always available to help you troubleshoot along the way and I do an in-depth check in with you once a week, to make sure that you are getting the results that you DESERVE!

I know that you want to feel healthy, with more energy, and more confidence, heading into the holidays! Now is the time and I’m here to help you, every step of the way! This group will be limited to 20 clients only and 8 of the spaces have been pre-reserved by existing clients.

If you want to chat more about the right fit for your goals, or if you’d like to reserve your space, fill out the application HERE.

I KNOW that this accountability group, with the 3 Day Fall Refresh kickstart, WILL give you the results that you DESERVE in time for the holiday season!

Let’s stay accountable to one another and start the holidays feeling strong, confident, and healthy!

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