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Getting Out of the Shame Spiral

I need to get TF out of this Shame Spiral and my first step is accountability.

So here I am, baring it all to you, sucking in a deep breath and uncomfortably sharing the truth of where I’m at.

The last couple of months have been busy, stressful, full of emotion, and a battle to keep myself above the waters of depression + anxiety. I’ve turned to the easiest, most familiar, way to comfort myself — sugar.I’ve told myself that it’s fine, I work out enough, I’ll counter it with a salad, I’ll eat better tomorrow, it’s been a hard day & I deserve it… for too many days in a row.

With the weight gain comes the shame and the guilt. I know better, I’m teaching my clients to do better, why can I not get my shit together?! More emotions follow, leading to a deeper spiral into comforting myself with food, and so it continued for months until… here.

I know that I need to share my journey genuinely with you but, while I’m being honest, I fear losing credibility and being an inspiration to you.

The truth is, I’m still able to support you as you reach your goals because I do know what to do to reach them and, beginning [again] today, I’m going to take the steps right along side you!

Enough is enough, we both deserve to live happy, healthy, energetic, and amazing lives, outside of the shame spiral!

So here is my declaration:  20 lbs lost by Christmas!


And here are my steps, beginning today:
  1. Make a Plan: I’ll be setting out my fitness program for the next 10 weeks and using the nutrition plan from that program, creating my meal plan for the next week ahead. I’ll be planning every meal, snack, outings, and allowing a cheat day each week. I’ll also be recording this process so that YOU have a step-by-step instruction video for how to do it yourself! (Email me for a copy)
  2. Clean House: I’ll be clearing out all the temptation from my fridge, pantry, and cupboards. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Prep: I’ll be preparing as many healthy snack and meal options as possible. Having things on hand, like fresh, cut veggies and hard boiled eggs, makes it easier to get a quick, healthy option when the busy + stress hits again (because, it will)
  4. Sugar Detox: This weekend, I’ll be doing my best to stay home, flushing my system of the artificial sugars I’ve become addicted to, with lots of water, healthy veggies, and likely some naps.
  5. Stay Accountable: I’ll be diving ALL the way in to my online bootcamp and sharing my journey, for accountability, with the babes in there, who are also working hard towards their goals. And, I’ll be continuing to share my journey along these 10 weeks, with you all on my social.

I have been successful before, losing over 30 lbs the first time and keeping it off for almost 2 years. I know that I can, and will, be successful again.

By Christmas, I will have lost 20 lbs, gained energy, sleep quality, and found my happy again! What about you?? We can do this TOGETHER! Are you with me??

If you want to chat more about a program + nutrition plan to help YOU reach your goals by Christmas, fill out this form & I’ll email you later today!

October 12, 2018: Starting Place

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