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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

After all of the tests and ultrasounds and blood work, this is what my doctor diagnosed me with. Insert massive eye roll and an audible, “well, duh” here. #nofilter

My immediate thought was, “I have two children with type 1 diabetes, of course I’m tired, I rarely ever sleep all the way through the night.” which was only interrupted by my doctor saying the exact same thing to me. (She knows me so well)

The prescription was stress reduction, taking things off my plate, and more self-care. Again, she plucked the words from my brain when she acknowledged that it wouldn’t be easy for me to do.

But I’ve come far enough in my personal growth journey to know, and truly believe, that my children deserve the very best version of me, so I made some adjustments.

One: I decided which commitments were truly the most important to me and I started declining all others. Yes, it’s hard to do. Yes, people get irritated. But if it’s a choice between pissed off people and my kids’ happiness (+ my sanity), guess who wins.

Two: I took self-care as a medical prioritization. I got serious about my fitness + nutrition and started paying attention to how certain foods affected my energy levels. I take happiness breaks often to walk the dog, indulge in a show, or take a bath; in the middle of the day. And I started meditating & journalling again.

Three: I began acupuncture. This was a HUGE leap for me as I truly didn’t know that I would get any benefit from it. I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try and I reached out to Taylore Stuckey at TS Acupuncture in Stettler.

She had me fill out a million page assessment (that made me feel like a totally old, broken lady lol) and she truly listened to me explain my mental and physical health issues. That was almost a year ago and I can confidently say that my quality of sleep has improved and my energy levels have greatly increased.

Now, she helps heal my physical pain (usually from being a hero while lifting) while treating my non-physical symptoms, like stress and anxiety. Taylore places high value on treating a whole person for long term results rather than just treating the symptoms in the short term.

Self-care looks different for everyone but, for me, these are the things that keep me healthy, happy, and thriving as a wife, mom, and business owner. I never view it as self indulgent because I believe that my children truly do deserve the best version of their mother.



Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

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