#NoBossLife, Family/Life

Choose your life!

I’ve never been one to follow the rules.💁‍♀️

As a kid, I would always want to know WHY I was or wasn’t supposed to do something.

When I hit my teen years, I drove my teachers crazy, questioning their rationale for doing things a certain way.

I likely nearly killed my mother when I decided to move out before I finished high school.

But the thought of doing things a specific way for no GOOD reason aside from “that’s just how it is” makes me want to jump out of my skin! 


‘You have to go to college.’
‘You have to get a good job with decent hours and benefits.’
‘You need to put in your time and, eventually, you’ll be old enough to retire and start enjoying your life.’

Says freaking who??!

The world is DIFFERENT now. There are MANY other ways to provide for your family and live a life that you LOVE (right now, NOT 20 years down the road) without having to punch a time clock at a job that exhausts you. 

STOP doing what you think you have to do just because someone else told you that you had to.

START doing more of what sets your soul on fire! CHOOSE your life and start being happy right now!You literally only have one life to live, shouldn’t you make it the best one??


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