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What’s in your cart?

Do I shop 100% clean healthy organic blah blah blah…. oh hell no, are you kidding?!

I mean, my husband & kids are all on board with living a healthier life in our house but that shit needs to be rolled in in stages or they’d revolt 😂

But, I do try my best to make the healthiest choices possible for our family knowing that better quality food is going to lead to better long term health for us all.🌱

Like everything when working towards a health goal, it’s not about perfection. It’s about making small, positive changes consistently over time. 

Some tips for healthier shopping::

1. Stick to the outside edge of the store. Most of the processed, packaged junk is in the middle aisles. (And no, the pop & chip aisle on the end doesn’t count as outside edge)

2. Buy items that are as close to their original state as possible. That’s the definition of “clean” eating.

3. Choose organic fruits and vegetables when you can. It’s about NOT adding extra chemicals to your body, we get enough of that on a daily basis.

4. Pick lean meats like chicken, fish, extra lean beef, wild game, etc.

5. Read the ingredients list. If there are things that you don’t know, Google that shit and educate yourself on what’s going into your cart.

“But doesn’t it cost more to eat this way?” It’s true, your grocery bill will likely be higher than usual.

But, when we’re talking about our family’s HEALTH — disease & obesity prevention, improved body function, improved learning ability, etc. — what is it COSTING you to NOT improve your nutrition habits??

Don’t ask why the healthy food is “so expensive”; ask why the crappy food is so cheap.🌱

>> PS: When you meal plan and shop smart, you can save a ton of money on groceries. I’ll be sharing tips on that next week.😘


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