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getting started :: 5 quick switches {clean eating}

Want to jump aboard the Clean Eating train but don’t know how to leave the station? Here are five suggestions for swapping your everyday foods over to clean ones!

1. Become an Aqua Baby! Swap out your regular sodas, juices and coffee for water! You can add cucumber, lemon or raspberries if you get bored of plain water.


2. Discover the Power of Brown! Trade in your white bread, rice & pasta for the whole grain versions!

Why? Refined grains (like in white bread) have been processed out of their awesome nutrient-filled germ & fiber-packed bran and are lacking in essential fatty acids & nutrients. The fiber and protein in Whole Grains give you more energy and help you feel full longer, preventing overeating!

3. Snack on Raw Fruits & Veggies! When you feel like munchin’, pass on the salt-loaded chips and sugar-coated chocolate bar. Instead, grab a handful of blueberries or a bowl of pepper slices!

Why? This should be obvious but if not; junk food is bad for you! Too much salt, sugar and artificial ingredients can lead to a vast number of health issues and cause you to gain unhealthy amounts of fat.


4. Choose No/Low Sodium Options! Limit your salt intake, preferably to only that which naturally occurs in clean foods.

Why? Excessive sodium in your diet can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, kidney stones and edema. It also causes you to retain water which helps you to hold on to those extra few pounds.

5. Kick the Caffeine! I know, I know — but trust me, you CAN do it! Start slow, by limiting yourself to half your daily intake. Then work up to one caffeinated drink a day and then none. Do it over a few days or weeks; whatever works for YOU!

For me, I quit my afternoon Pepsi cold turkey and swapped my morning (and mid-morning and afternoon and evening and…) black tea for green or white tea. When you start eating cleaner, you will start feeling better and more alert naturally, without caffeine.

Why? Over-caffeinating can lead to hypertension, anxiety, increased stress, irregular heart rate and difficulty sleeping. Since a calm, low-stress life is so important to healthy living, caffeine is definitely a setback in that department.


4 thoughts on “getting started :: 5 quick switches {clean eating}”

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Only for about 9 weeks now but I’ve been so changed by it that I felt I had to share my revelation with others! Lol that sounds kind of crazy & conceited but I truly do just like to help others!

    1. That’s awesome, Erin! Let me know if you need any advice! And when you’re ready, I have a great site to go for REALLY affordable nutrition plans! 🙂

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