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I know…

I know what it's like, when you're working so hard on overcoming your mental illness, and something happens that has you feeling like you're right back where you started, for seemingly no reason at all. I know how it feels to be going, happily, through your day, unaware that you're about to snap over something… Continue reading I know…

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You Said You Wanted to Be a Mom

"You said you wanted to be a mom." * * * When I became a mom, I was prepared for the late nights, the constant feedings, the exhaustion. What I wasn't prepared for was the feelings of inadequacy, the violent mood swings, the psychosis, and "knowing" in my heart that I was failing. I struggled… Continue reading You Said You Wanted to Be a Mom

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When Your Friends Ask You To Buy From Them

As we approach the holidays, you will likely have more and more of your friends approaching you with sales from their small businesses. Many of these friends are probably in the network marketing or direct sales industry.😱 As someone who has built a full time business with a long established MLM company, let me give… Continue reading When Your Friends Ask You To Buy From Them

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I made time, this morning, for a short meditation session on Gratitude. The guided meditation took me through three layers of gratitude -- a person, a situation, and then all of the things I feel grateful for. I am so grateful for my husband, Kyle. He keeps me grounded and is the perfect yang to… Continue reading Gratitude

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Time Management Tips for Growing a Side-Business While Working Full Time

Whenever I’m speaking to someone who is interested in learning more about what I do, the number one concern is always about the amount of time it takes to build a health + fitness influencing business. To be honest, it was one of MY main concerns when I was considering becoming a coach! I was… Continue reading Time Management Tips for Growing a Side-Business While Working Full Time

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How I Share My Story to Help Inspire Others

I’m not in the business of selling shakes. I’m not even in the business of selling fitness programs. I’m in the business of helping women change their own lives. _____   I once lived in such a dark place in my own life that I begged to be able to find a way to be… Continue reading How I Share My Story to Help Inspire Others

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What You Don’t See

A friend once told me that he wished his wife was “more of a mom like” me. My heart hurt for their broken family but, more so, for the fact that he didn’t realize the truth. I told him that it wasn’t fair to compare the reality of their life to the social snapshot of… Continue reading What You Don’t See

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Halloween Carb Counting

As any d-mama knows, Halloween can be the best and worst day of the year for a child with type 1 diabetes. The class party adrenaline and extra treats throughout the day make it near impossible to maintain target blood sugars. Then, in the evening, as our children rampage the neighbourhoods, they need prevention agains… Continue reading Halloween Carb Counting

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Before you tell me a mom does everything…

You know those posts about how a mom does all the work around the house and the dad does nothing? Or the video about how a kid will walk past dad to ask mom for something? Or the memes that list all the things moms do before bed but the dad's list just says "go… Continue reading Before you tell me a mom does everything…

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Influencer Spotlight: Leah

This is my friend, Leah. ❤ She is a Registered Massage Therapist and single mom to a beautiful, busy 7 year old girl. We bond over our love of the mountains, hiking, and the outdoors in general! She's also super into dirt biking + baking so really, she's the whole package 😉 Like me, Leah has… Continue reading Influencer Spotlight: Leah